About Us
Fundación Biociencia was founded in 2001 by Dr. Jenny Blamey and Mr. Olivier Rickmers, as a private Chilean Non-Profit Foundation, dedicated to scientific research and development in the area of Life Sciences.

We are one of the leading institutions in Research and Development, related to microorganisms from extreme environments. We interact globally with industrial and academic research centres that require our specialized knowledge on Extremophiles.

Since their discovery, Extremophiles have made unique and important contributions to biology, molecular biology and biotechnology.

Their mechanisms for adaptation to these extreme environmental conditions allow them to produce biocompounds of novel and surprising properties.

Therefore, these outstanding microorganisms are recognized as valuable sources of novel bioproducts of key importance for science and biotechnology.

In this fascinating field of life sciences and biotechnology, our institution carries out its activities from the basic, applied and industrial point of view.

In Latin America, Fundación Biosciencia is a pioneering Extremophiles Research and Development.