Our projects are carried on as:

Private research contracts
Research cooperation based on agreements with private institutions
Research funded by public grants
Research funded by private grants
Technical Consultancy

Commercialization Strategy

Our strategy is to leverage our outstanding knowledge in extremophile research to enter into partnerships with companies that need access to newly found extremophilic microorganisms and extremophilic proteins for the development of their own products.

Recently Biociencia established a commercialization agreement with Swissaustral Biotech SA, a Swiss biotech company which commercializes services and products generated from R&D developed by Biociencia.

Partnering Strategy

We are very flexible and generally negotiate our partnerships on a case-by-case basis.

For private research contracts we operate on the basis of benefit participation, which may include participation in the intellectual property, but we also carry out research and development on a one-time basis.

We are in condition to enter as a partner in joint ventures, particularly with companies that have complementary research and know how.

We also have framework agreements for research and development in specific areas, not only with companies, but also with universities and research centres.

Particularly with universities, we have and seek collaboration agreements, mostly to cover basic research, which is complementary to our industrial research.