Our institution focuses exclusively on the area of extremophilic microorganisms and their bioactive compounds. In this field, our industrial research and development services are located quite upstream in the overall R&D stream, which leads to the final products.

In this, already highly specialized domain, we centre our efforts on the isolation of extremophiles from their natural sources and the discovery and purification of their original bioactive compounds, especially novel enzymes of biotechnological potential.

In this endeavour, our accumulated knowledge gains us increasing recognition from the most advanced research centres, worldwide.

Particularly in the topic of culturing, DNA extraction and enzyme purification from extremophilic microorganisms, we already have unmatched know how.

Areas of Basic and Industrial Research

Microorganism Isolation and Characterization

Isolation of special extremophilic microorganisms from severe ecosystems like hot springs, salt lakes, acid lakes, desert, lava fields, volcano craters, Antarctica.

Optimization of growth conditions and maintenance of cultures.

Novel microbiological techniques to handle and work with extremophilic microorganisms under anaerobic and aerobic conditions.

Development of specific media for culture growth.

Microbial and Biochemical Analysis

16S rDNA analysis and phylogenetics.

Acrylamide and agarose gel electrophoresis for characterization of nucleic acids including DGGE.

Study of kinetics and thermodynamic properties.

Search of Bioactive Compounds

Development of novel processing techniques to search, maintain or improve stability of bioactive compounds.

Enzyme & Protein Purification and Characterization

Development of protein purification schemes and characterization of

proteins and enzymes, for which we have extensive experience in anaerobic techniques used for purification of extremely oxygen-sensitive proteins.

Enzyme studies with emphasis on catalytic mechanisms and parameters that govern the enzymatic reactions.

Development of Purification Protocols

Liquid chromatographic techniques, which include anion, cation exchange chromatography, gel filtration, ultra filtration and affinity chromatography. Extensive experience in operation of FPLC systems.


Harnessing of microorganisms for bioremediation and biofiltration of metal contaminated industrial liquids and waste.