Felipe Sarmiento

My research interests are based in the study of different extremophilic microorganism, its unique characteristics and how could be used to generate new biotechnological tools. This include cultivate and grow unknown microorganisms and use molecular techniques in order to understand their metabolic mechanisms and classified them. Finally, purify proteins with special characteristics that will have important biotechnology application.
I joined Fundación Biociencia in March of 2007, and I have been working with an arsenite oxidizer bacterium that lives in extremely high arsenite concentrations. In particular, I am trying to classify this microorganism and purify the arsenite oxidase enzyme. Furthermore, I am working in the characterization of this microorganism, especially, in its arsenite resistant limits.

Since 2008 I am carrying out my Ph.D. in microbiology and bioinformaticas at The University of Georgia, USA

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